ECOC POSp was created from the ECOC developers with a passion in Proof-of-Stake and aim to make Proof-of-Stake possible for everyone. Staking & participating in POSp allow every member of our community to have a higher chance of being rewarded and receive rewards more regularly.


For solo staker: Staking can be possible for every number of coins, so users don’t have to worry about the amount of coins they hold. However, the reward will be determined by the total amount and the duration they hold the coins. So, the higher amount and longer time they have, the more chances they get rewarded. But if users are new and have low amount of coins, then there are slim chances to be rewarded. This is why POSp can solve this!

PoSp Staking:

Staking pools are focused on making the most out of the combined staking capacity. Generally, the bigger the staking pool the more chances to be selected and get rewarded. So, everybody will be a Winner!

Why POSp:

According to the increasing of ECOC user base, it will generate a high demand and the value of ECOC coins will be automatically raised according to the demand of ECOC user base.

We are so excited to welcome you to our growing community, many rewards are now waiting for you!


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